fastest way to burn a lot of calories is by jumping rope!

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Rising-fitness : Follow for health & fitness ! And if you are a fitblr, message me, I’ll check out your blog, and maybe I’ll follow back. :)

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For the past two years I have always gained and lost a substantial amount of weigh in a short time due to bingeing and purging. But just about 3 weeks ago I was at the heaviest I’ve been in a long time and decided to go the healthy way this time and eat as clean as possible and work out for at least an hour every day. I’ve lost 15 pounds and I’m proud of myself and just wanted to share, and maybe give anyone struggling with an eating disorder a new perspective.

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I should probably just do one progress picture a week instead of one every day, or I’ll never notice the progress, haha. 

August 16th!

Gym time today will only consist of cardio. Maybe a little weights to get my heart rate up if I begin to die of BOREDOM during a treadmill session. Wish me luck! Send skinny, bikini competitor thoughts my way. :)

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A new thing arrived on my blog : Top 3 Instagramers of the Week !

I love Instagram, and i know there are a lot of amazing accounts on there. But sometimes it’s pretty hard to find you. So i do this for helping you to have a view, and for me to discover more intstagramers ! So from now on, each thursday, i will make a post with my 3 faves Instagram accounts. If you want to participate, this is really simple : 

  • You DON’T NEED to follow me (tumblr or instagram), i do this just for finding new accounts.
  • Reblog this post
  • Send me your Instagram name here.

Each Top 3 will go there, forever ! :) Can’t wait to discover you !


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